How to connect apps to Dialed with Zapier

Add more functionality to your Dialed number by connecting it with Zapier.

How to get started

  1. Log into Dialed and generate an API Key from the settings screen
  2. Create a free Zapier account here.
  3. Check out the Dialed Zapier page for inspiration
  4. Make your first zap, turn it on, and watch the magic happen!
  5. Email us ( and let us know what you built or if you have any questions!

For those if you who are technically inclined or interested in the details, feel free to check out the API docs here.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do

  1. Send new Gmail messages to Dialed (view template)
  2. Send / receive text messages in Slack (view template)
  3. Save all your voicemails and images to Dropbox (view template)
  4. Add new Dialed contacts to Google Sheets (view template)
  5. Send Dialed Messages for new deals in Hubspot (view template)

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