How to share your number with your team

Dialed let you share your number with other members of your team.

[Note: this feature is currently only available for iPhones]

By sharing your number you can:

  • Have team members view and respond to text messages from their own version of Dialed on their own phone
  • Assign a specific team member to handle all inbound calls, or have the call ring to everyone on the team
  • Give your team access to your number without having to pay for or manage another account

Here's how to set it up

  1. Go to Dialed Settings > {Your Business Name or Dialed Number if you haven't added the name yet}
  2. To the right of the "Members" header you will see a [+] icon. Tap that.
  3. You can now see your team code.
  4. This code can be shared with anyone who has an iPhone and can install Dialed. For each person you share the code with they must:
    1. Install Dialed for iPhone
    2. On the first view, tap "Enter Code" and enter in your team code from step #3 above
    3. Sign up for Dialed with an email/password or with Sign in with Apple. This is their own Dialed account.
    4. They will skip any billing and be taken to the team number's inbox.

Once the number is set up you will be able to use or see app features only available if the number is shared.

  • Outbound text messages will be marked with the initials of the user sending the text. This allows you to know who is responding to text messages.
  • Under Dialed Settings > {Your Business Name} you will now see any member who has joined your team. From this page you can specify who will get calls - either a specific individual on your team or all members of your team. If you select all members, the call will ring to every phone simultaneously, the first person to pick up will take the call.
  • Currently all team members can change the settings for the number

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