How to add Dialed to your Instagram profile

Running and advertising your business with Instagram? Are you seeing profiles that include the option to call or text them? Below are steps to add your Dialed number to your Professional or Business Instagram profile, keeping your personal number safe while adding authenticity to your business phone number.

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap [ Edit profile ].

Note: You'll need to have a Professional or Business Instagram account to be able to add your phone number to Instagram. To switch, tap "Switch to professional account" under the Edit profile screen.

2. If you already have a Professional or Business Instagram account, tap "Contact Options" under "Public Business Information" (This will appear as "Profile Information" if you have a Professional Instagram account).

3. Add your Dialed number in the phone field. Select Call and/or Text so your customers may reach you:

When you have finished entering your number and contact preference tap "Done."

4. Tap "Profile Display" under "Public Business Information."

5. Toggle on "Display contact info." Then tap "Done."

Your Dialed number is now part of your Instagram profile! Customers can now text or call you while still keeping your personal information safe.

Send us a screenshot of your business Instagram profile with your Dialed number on it and we'll send you a code for a free month of service!*

*maybe limited to Apple App Store users and availability of the promotional offer.

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